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  1. Our beautiful flowers

    Friday, July 19, 2013

    ah! We have been doing so much work in the flower bed that we are now seeing the wonderful beauties that we have planted. Every single day we come out and see more and more that are blooming. It's so exciting to see them slowly open up and change from nothing into something amazing and breathtaking. That is just how life is you know. We live in such a dark and ugly world that is nothing, but Jesus can take it and make something amazing, beautiful, breathtaking. Even with our lives, whether it is a hardship we are going through, or we have such a bad life; every bit of that can be turned into beauty! So So amazing! Here are the beauties in our yard. I hope that you can always remember that no matter how ugly things get, beauty can come out!


  2. Meal Menu

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Here is our Meal menu that started on the 3rd of July and goes to the 14th of July. I will start a new one on the 15th when I go to the store again.

    3rd- leftovers that were pulled from the freezer
    4th - church 4th of July cookout (I had to only fix a couple of things)
    5th- sloppy joes, fries
    6th- cabbage roll casserole, corn bread muffins (this was a new recipe and I will post it later. My family loved it)
    7th- Church Dinner (I only had to fix a couple of things)
    8th- Beans, spinach, cornbread muffins
    9th- leftovers
    10th- tuna casserole, salad
    11th- Spaghetti, Steamed veg, garlic bread
    12th- leftovers
    13th- Fish sandwiches, chips
    14th- Church Dinner (I only have to fix a couple of things)

  3. Grocery Shopping Budget

    Monday, July 8, 2013

    I don't know about you but I have to make a grocery meal menu to stay within my budget. One time I tried no menu and went to the store and it was terrible. I came out with a lot of stuff and spent a lot of money, but didn't really have much to make meals with through the week. I have done the once a month grocery shopping before and I like it, but we have moved to a much smaller house and I don't have the room to keep a months worth of groceries. So this past week I made our menu and went shopping. I was a very very happy momma! I got what I needed and was able to get ALOT of fruit and bought the kids three boxes of ice cream (uh oh) and they wanted a box of mini pancakes (yikes). My total for 8 days of groceries and all the extras was a grand total of $90!!! Woohoo!!! How well have you done on groceries? Do you budget? Do you plan a menu? I will be posting my menu for you in a couple of days so you can see what we are eating this week.

    My grocery items for $90

  4. DIY: Tube Tops made into Skirts

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    Here's a DIY project...and guess what? it requires no sewing!!!! Which is great for a mom like me who cannot sew AT ALL!! A huge cross that I bear especially since I have a daughter with no hips, weight or anything else. Plus she is tall. So it is very very difficult to find things that fit her in the waist and long enough to make them modest. Here's the story...I was at walmart the other day and happen to notice these tube tops in the women's section on clearance for $3. Immediately I thought...wonder if those would work as skirts. So I brought my daughter back the next day and tried them on her and WORKED!!!! Woohoo! So I took pictures to show all of y'all and here is how it goes.
    This is the tube top from walmart. It is a size small from the women's section. You can find them near the bathing suits.

    Here it is as a skirt!!! Pretty awesome. It fit her perfectly.

    The white piece is the inside flap of the tube top. You pull it up and that becomes the waist band which allows the top to become a longer skirt. No material is needed to be added and I didn't even have to take it in at the waist.

    Needless to say...this momma was very happy to be able to get her 4 new "skirts" for only $3 a piece.

  5. Pop or Water when eating out?

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    We don't eat out a lot. It usually is once a week or every other week. But when we would, we would always get pops for everyone. I've always had the idea of getting water when we eat out, but my husband would always say that he really didn't like that idea. My husband is a big cherry coke zero drinker. I have my moments with pop. Sometimes that's all I want to drink and then there are other times I want tea. I have never been good at drinking water and it's something I always want to do more, but.... (you get the picture). So anyways...we went to cici's pizza buffet a few weeks ago with the kids and we decided we would get water for everyone. My husband and I were blown away. By drinking water with our meal, we saved ourselves $7. Many times you will pay around 2.50 a glass for pop. We have five people in our family right now. Have you done the math as to how much money that saves me when we eat out. Many times the gas stations have 32oz pops for .89. My husband and I decided that if we wanted a pop that bad after eating we could get 32 oz for everyone and still save money. Anyways, you should try it. See how much money you can save by everyone drinking water instead of pop when you eat out.

  6. Encouragement for the Day

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    "Motherhood is not a Hobby,
    It is a calling.
    It is not something to do if 
    you can squeeze the time in

    It is what GOD
    gave you time for."

    -Neil L. Anderson

  7. Am I here...?why yes I am...

    Thursday, April 25, 2013

    I know I have been very terrible about posting on my blog. And I have missed it very much. I haven't even been able to read the blogs I love to follow. For the past couple of months we have been trying to move from Ohio to Kentucky. I also got pregnant and have been very very sick. And the last couple of weeks I have been soo sick that I had to stay in bed for nearly a week and all I could do was Puke and puke. I went a whole week without eating. I was finally able to get some medicine and am getting better little by little. I have not been able to unpack our house due to my sickness. So I'm providing two pictures so you can see what I'm dealing with. It has been a bumpy road and I don't think we are going to be on track for a couple of months. I will try my best to keep up, but if you see me go awhile then you know what is happening.