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    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Here is our Meal menu that started on the 3rd of July and goes to the 14th of July. I will start a new one on the 15th when I go to the store again.

    3rd- leftovers that were pulled from the freezer
    4th - church 4th of July cookout (I had to only fix a couple of things)
    5th- sloppy joes, fries
    6th- cabbage roll casserole, corn bread muffins (this was a new recipe and I will post it later. My family loved it)
    7th- Church Dinner (I only had to fix a couple of things)
    8th- Beans, spinach, cornbread muffins
    9th- leftovers
    10th- tuna casserole, salad
    11th- Spaghetti, Steamed veg, garlic bread
    12th- leftovers
    13th- Fish sandwiches, chips
    14th- Church Dinner (I only have to fix a couple of things)

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    1. Emily Q said...

      Can't wait to see your belly!!

    2. Constance said...

      lol! I'm getting so miserable

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