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  1. DIY: Tube Tops made into Skirts

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    Here's a DIY project...and guess what? it requires no sewing!!!! Which is great for a mom like me who cannot sew AT ALL!! A huge cross that I bear especially since I have a daughter with no hips, weight or anything else. Plus she is tall. So it is very very difficult to find things that fit her in the waist and long enough to make them modest. Here's the story...I was at walmart the other day and happen to notice these tube tops in the women's section on clearance for $3. Immediately I thought...wonder if those would work as skirts. So I brought my daughter back the next day and tried them on her and WORKED!!!! Woohoo! So I took pictures to show all of y'all and here is how it goes.
    This is the tube top from walmart. It is a size small from the women's section. You can find them near the bathing suits.

    Here it is as a skirt!!! Pretty awesome. It fit her perfectly.

    The white piece is the inside flap of the tube top. You pull it up and that becomes the waist band which allows the top to become a longer skirt. No material is needed to be added and I didn't even have to take it in at the waist.

    Needless to say...this momma was very happy to be able to get her 4 new "skirts" for only $3 a piece.

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    1. Mom saw your post on fb and hit Walmart tonight.
      :-) Thanks for the fantastic idea!

    2. Constance said...

      lol! you are welcome!

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