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  1. Baby #4

    Monday, March 11, 2013

    To all my readers...I'm soo sorry there hasn't been a post in a while. We are in the middle of moving to Kentucky, homeschooling children, wrapping up the last days of my full time job, and in the midst of it...I'm pregnant with our fourth child. And morning sickness has hit. HARD! I spend my mornings running to the toilet and by the time I'm done after lunch, I try to eat something little and keep the kids going on with school. It is very very difficult right now. We will be moving Easter weekend. So my posts maybe very sporadic until then. I have a huge house that needs finished packing and there isn't much energy right now to do it.

    On a lighter note...we are very excited about the arrival of our fourth. The kids are ready for a girl and so is there mother. My due date is October 26th. I hope that everyone is doing great and I can't wait until we get moved and get back on our schedule. You don't realize how much you use or need a schedule until your off.