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  1. Pop or Water when eating out?

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    We don't eat out a lot. It usually is once a week or every other week. But when we would, we would always get pops for everyone. I've always had the idea of getting water when we eat out, but my husband would always say that he really didn't like that idea. My husband is a big cherry coke zero drinker. I have my moments with pop. Sometimes that's all I want to drink and then there are other times I want tea. I have never been good at drinking water and it's something I always want to do more, but.... (you get the picture). So anyways...we went to cici's pizza buffet a few weeks ago with the kids and we decided we would get water for everyone. My husband and I were blown away. By drinking water with our meal, we saved ourselves $7. Many times you will pay around 2.50 a glass for pop. We have five people in our family right now. Have you done the math as to how much money that saves me when we eat out. Many times the gas stations have 32oz pops for .89. My husband and I decided that if we wanted a pop that bad after eating we could get 32 oz for everyone and still save money. Anyways, you should try it. See how much money you can save by everyone drinking water instead of pop when you eat out.