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  1. Our beautiful flowers

    Friday, July 19, 2013

    ah! We have been doing so much work in the flower bed that we are now seeing the wonderful beauties that we have planted. Every single day we come out and see more and more that are blooming. It's so exciting to see them slowly open up and change from nothing into something amazing and breathtaking. That is just how life is you know. We live in such a dark and ugly world that is nothing, but Jesus can take it and make something amazing, beautiful, breathtaking. Even with our lives, whether it is a hardship we are going through, or we have such a bad life; every bit of that can be turned into beauty! So So amazing! Here are the beauties in our yard. I hope that you can always remember that no matter how ugly things get, beauty can come out!


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    1. Emily Q said...

      You ALMOST inspire me to garden, lol.

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