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  1. Packing for a Trip

    Thursday, August 30, 2012

    Well, yea! We have started school and it has been really really busy. It's quite interesting when you are homeschooling a kindergarten and a 2nd grader and in the process you have a 9month old who LOVES to pull everything down off of the school shelves. He loves to do that and thinks that he is absolutely cute. The problem is- he is sooo cute!!! So we are trying to figure out a good schedule and I feel like that the days are flying by and I barely get the dishes done, laundry done, supper cooked and the house just cleaned up. So hopefully we will get on a schedule and I can get back to blogging, which I miss very much.
    So since we have Labor Day coming up in a few short day, I thought that I would post a packing list.