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  1. Grocery Shopping Budget

    Monday, July 8, 2013

    I don't know about you but I have to make a grocery meal menu to stay within my budget. One time I tried no menu and went to the store and it was terrible. I came out with a lot of stuff and spent a lot of money, but didn't really have much to make meals with through the week. I have done the once a month grocery shopping before and I like it, but we have moved to a much smaller house and I don't have the room to keep a months worth of groceries. So this past week I made our menu and went shopping. I was a very very happy momma! I got what I needed and was able to get ALOT of fruit and bought the kids three boxes of ice cream (uh oh) and they wanted a box of mini pancakes (yikes). My total for 8 days of groceries and all the extras was a grand total of $90!!! Woohoo!!! How well have you done on groceries? Do you budget? Do you plan a menu? I will be posting my menu for you in a couple of days so you can see what we are eating this week.

    My grocery items for $90

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