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  1. Busy as a Bee

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    Oh, I don't know where to start. As I'm writing this, my mind is racing and thinking of all the things that need to be accomplished. Also it's thinking of all the things I want to tell you about in this post. First off, We are moving the first week of April to Lexington, KY. My husband is a pastor and he has accepted another pastorate there in downtown Lexington. We are all soo very excited and cannot wait to make the move. As of right now, we are driving back and forth on the weekends so we can be there with the church people on Sunday and also do some, alot of work on the parsonage. Typically we go down on Friday. Work Friday evening and all day sat. Hold Sunday services and then come home sun night. It has been very very tiring, but the Lord is helping us and we are almost finished with the parsonage. Now I need to get myself in the gear of packing up this house. The bad thing is, we have to downsize ALOT. Soooo....there are alot of things I have to get rid of. I don't mind that, I just hate having to make the decision of "Does this go or do I keep this and let this go?" ugh! So now you know what we are doing on the weekends right now. During the week, I home school the children, all the household duties, my full-time job, and repacking for the next weekend. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Now, I know you are so jealous of me. Just confess it. ha ha ha!

    The next thing that took place this last week was, I, this momma, got to go away on a three day retreat. It was wonderful. I went to a scrap booking camp in Indiana with my dear dear friend. Let me just tell you ladies, IT Was WONDERFUL!!!!!! Can you imagine? Three whole days to do nothing but scrapbook, play games, and have fun with other ladies without the worry of cooking food, doing laundry, bathing children, etc etc. I went there with a empty scrapbook and I left with it filled completely up. It was soo refreshing. So because I was away on my thousand word picture post, you will see some pictures of me having fun last week. Smiles Smiles Smiles While I was away, the wonderful husband kept the fort together. Or maybe I should say the second mother who would be our daughter. We took this opportunity to finally break the baby of his last 2-3 feedings. The baby has done well. Momma is now weaning herself by using a pump. It's going alot better than I expected. So when I got home, I walked through the door for 10min. and turned around and left for Lexington for the weekend. It has been a very full and crazy week and this week is not going to slow down at all. We have valentine parties and work mtgs, and cleaning, laundry, packing and more packing and school and more school. Do you get my drift? Well, I hope that you enjoy the pictures. And I hope that each and everyone of you have a fabulous week.

    Remember that Thursday is valentines day. Try to do something small for your spouse or significant other. Try to think of something that absolutely means something special to the both of you and give that gift.

     Our table we worked at

     Me working away on a page
     My Dear Dear friend
    My friend working away. And we also shared the table with two other ladies. They were alot of fun.